Common Consumer Questions About Cost-Effective Dentures

New experiences generate many questions. Here are some frequently asked questions patients often ask about dentures.

Cost-effective Dentures Are All the Same, Right?

No. Maintaining good oral health is important to denture wearers. Mail-order services offering discounts on dentures cannot provide the custom fit you need for good oral health. Poor-fitting dentures cause chronic irritation, contributing to mouth sores and changes in the bone or gum tissues. Your dentist wants you to enjoy a comfortable fit, and will carefully measure and prepare your mouth for cost-effective dentures. Dentists work with reputable dental labs where skilled technicians create your custom-fit, cost-effective dentures for maximum comfort.

Will My Eating Habits Need to Change?

Actually, there are very few eating restrictions for denture wearers. If you experience eating difficulties at any time, it is important to contact your dentist. Poor-fitting dentures can contribute to eating difficulties. Dentures that fit right are vital for enjoying a well-balanced diet that includes a wide assortment of foods.

Do I Have to Wear Denture Adhesives?

Dentures are custom-designed for a comfortable and good fit for you. As a result, they usually don't require the regular use of an adhesive, unless it's to stabilize dentures in need of repair. Poor-fitting dentures must be checked by your dentist as soon as possible to eliminate discomfort and the potential for irritation.

Will These "Permanent" Teeth Last a Lifetime?

Dentures are very durable but that doesn't make them indestructible. They can discolor, chip, break, and bend out of shape. With good care, cost-effective dentures should last for many years. Here are some tips for maintaining the appearance and extending the life of your dentures:

  • Use a brush designed specifically for dentures and a denture cleaner. Regular toothpaste can be too harsh for dentures.
  • Store dentures in a container of denture-cleaning solution or water.
  • Soak in warm, not hot water. Hot water can damage their shape.
  • Use an effervescent cleansing tablet once a week to kill odor-causing bacteria.

Cost-effective dentures offer many benefits to the millions who wear them. While they take some initial adjustment, they can enhance your smile as well as your long-term confidence. Return to your dentist at least once a year to evaluate fit, appearance, and to receive an oral cancer screening.

by Brian J. Gray, D.D.S., M.A.G.D., F.I.C.O.

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